5 Best Bras for Running


C9 by Champion Reversible Compression Racer Bra


Versatile, fashionable, and functional: what more could you want in a bra? Made with moisture-wicking, breathable fabric, the racer back allows you to move freely without slipping straps or an uneven fit. Bonus: flip it inside out for a new color scheme to keep things fresh.

Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra


Work out like a supermodel in this sexy, soft, and supportive bra. The comfy padded straps and cushioned underwire provide plenty of control for a jiggle-free jog. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just signed up for your first 10K, this truly “incredible” bra lets you sweat in style.

Adidas Supernova Racer Bra


Wide racer straps hold your chest in place, while a moisture-wicking fabric conducts heat away from your skin. Never worry about wobble again. With a flattering square neckline and tons of color choices, this bra is sure to keep you looking—and feeling—cool.

Lululemon Bitty Bracer


Designed especially for B- and C-cup runners, this tight-fitting bra ensures a comfortable run from the first step to the last stride. The ingenious fabric relaxes as your body heats up, so it molds to your unique shape for a supremely supportive and individualized fit.

New Balance The Fabulous Framer


This pick prevents any potential “headlights” situation with double-knit fabric over each cup. An internal front frame provides full compression support and minimizes movement, while a 1-inch elastic band at the bottom ensures a snug fit. There’s even a hidden stash pocket to securely store keys, power gel, or chapstick.

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