An American Triumph

Hamilton the musical on Lingerie Briefs

I had a very Hamiltonian weekend. First, I finished reading Ron Chernow’s biography of this extraordinary man. Then, I listened to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s score for the Broadway hit show. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it yet. At $900 a ticket I will have to pass. But it doesn’t matter. Being submerged in Alexander Hamilton’s story was an intellectual and creative privilege. Born without an “American” pedigree into an impoverished life, this brilliant immigrant rose to be, not only a Founding Father of our nation, but also the author of the country’s constitutional and financial framework. Infiltrating the social strata of his day, Hamilton never faltered in his quest to insure America’s future. He brought his phenomenal writing skills and oratory talents to our shores for one purpose only, to make America great. Saturated in his narrative, I learned a piece of history which may have evaded me while in school. The truth about a brand is often revealed in the details.

Triumph Tri-Action non wire sports bra on Lingerie Briefs

Even though Triumph has been and remains a global lingerie force, its arrival on our shores a few years ago encountered some challenges. Like Hamilton, they were an outsider albeit one with an outstanding heritage. Triumph shapewear and intimates have been empowering women for 135 years but, recognition of their legacy has required transitioning their priorities to meet the expectations of the American lifestyle. Pictured here is the Triaction non-wire bra fitting size 32-38 B-DD. Like the rest of this hero collection which extends to 42 bands, this bra is constructed with 3D padded straps in a super lightweight mesh that offers 3 layers of bounce control while delivering maximum support and lightness. Triumph‘s focus on America’s lingerie priorities continues to inform their market strategy but unlike Hamilton, I am confident that their duel for retail positioning will end on a better note.

In the Main It Will Be Found That a Power Over  a Man’s Support Is a Power Over His Will”
~Alexander Hamilton



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