Be Strong, Be Beautiful ~ Bluebella Lingerie : the UK based lingerie company founded in 2005 by Emily Bendell

Be Strong Be Beautiful campaign from Bluebella Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

Bluebella, the UK based lingerie company founded in 2005 by Emily Bendell, represents everything we, at Lingerie Briefs, hope for in our quest to support women’s self-esteem.I discovered a new brand at Curvexpo NY last week, mainly because Easton International now representing them in the USA, insisted I take a look. Thank goodness I usually listen to them. Girls deserve to compete on equal levels without ever compromising their feminine identity.  Finally, history is in the making as female voices are becoming more relevant in the making of historic moments.

Julianna and Angelina collections from Bluebella Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

In its newest campaign, #BeStrongBeBeautiful, Bluebella strives to break the age old statistic in which girls discard sports involvement by age 13 in order to avoid seeming too “masculine”.Bluebella is a celebration of strength and intimate artistry; the product is both seductive and empowering. Although this vision has been Emily’s mission since inception, it is particularly relevant this season as we watch the Olympic stage highlight female athletes whose dedication to sport has built their bodies into powerhouse performance machines.

This lifestyle brand heralds a classic millennial message: sensual lingerie is worthy of display on a strong minded body. It is meant to be worn, seen and enjoyed. Winner of the UK Boudoir brand of the year (as well as several other awards), Bluebella is a fashion statement targeted at the Instagram generation.

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