Cleo by Panache ‘Sasha’: Large Size Bra Review

I must warn anybody who reads this publish – there’s a higher chance I’ll seem just like a lady possessed after i discuss this bra. I have attempted to experience it casual, but I simply cannot get it done…I Really Like this bra, and Sasha is her title.

Sasha Cleo by Panache Sasha: Bra Review Invest In Your Chest

Now, confession time, I am obsessive about down. It is a little unhealthy, but I simply cannot help myself. So my passion for the Sasha now will work better…I am unable to let you know how lengthy I have wanted feather printed under garments! And OK, within my dreams I put on a wonderfully fitting set crafter almost entirely of peacock down, but I am prepared to allow that to dream stay absurd, particularly with Sasha here to provide me my fix.

Like numerous sets that finish on my ever-growing wish list, When i first spied the Sadie at Moda in Feb. Despite the fact that I enjoy the Cleo collection by Panache, anything else faded in to the background, cupids and small wild birds started to flutter around me, along with a light glow appeared to emanate for this bra.

It provides a subtle uplift along with a a fit condition under clothing, and my ‘standard’ 30G was perfect. It almost – dare I only say it – fits such as the Panache Tango, using the band also approaching trumps within the standard sizing department.

I believe I handled to restrain myself from going too outrageous with my swooning however i cannot stress this enough – this bra is amazing. Body (for me personally) is near perfect, and also the unique print is completely amazing. I am a measure nearer to my feather lingerie dream!

sasha closeup Cleo by Panache Sasha: Bra Review Invest In Your Chest

The fairly fundamental design looks simply stunning within the feather print with lace trim and also the whole factor is available in a color palette of purples and greys which makes it vibrant, although not too noisy. Normally this type of print in clothes are lower in brown tones ?(like real down) however i such as the Cleo approach – it’s unique and packs a punch, but with taste done, and also the finish outcome is a cool set that’s stolen me. The color is referred to as ‘plum’ and extremely is really flattering on any complexion.

sasha becky Cleo by Panache Sasha: Bra Review Invest In Your Chest

Looks aside, what is the fit like? Well to begin with, it is available in 28-38 back dimensions, D-J cup, so that as I have pointed out on Fund Your Chest before, the Cleo range works in my shape and size. The non-padded balconette bra appears a bit more molded than the usual sheer bra, and consequently provides a slightly rounded shape, although deficiencies in padding means it really works for your boob shape, hoorah!

Attractiveness: 9/10

Fit: 9/10

Comfort: 9/10

Styling: 10/10

Support: 8/10

Shape: 8/10

Cost versus. Quality: 9/10

Re-purchasability: 9/10

Fund Your Chest Rating: 9/10

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