How To Fill Up Your Lingerie Drawer

It’s fun to be trendy, but at the end of the day you will always need either those timeless sets, basic pieces, and sometimes you have to choose functionality above all else. Because if there’s one thing we learn from keeping up with fashion styles, it’s this: trends will come and go but if you can rock a classic look without any wardrobe malfunctions, then you’ll always be free from the fashion police!

Have you gotten caught up in the fall fashion frenzy yet? Rather than show you even more items to add to your wardrobe, we decided to take a different spin this week and discuss what items you should always have in your wardrobe.

Elomi Rita Bra

Plunge, push-up, and peek-a-boo bras are obviously fun to have in the bedroom, but a supportive full-cup bra will always have your chest’s best interest in mind, and in this Elomi Rita bra with scalloped details will fulfill all the functions you need in a supportive bra while looking far from ordinary. This bra is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your everyday wardrobe.

First of all, you can’t go wrong with a classic white bra. Not only does it go perfectly under sheer tops, but it’s easy to match to any color panty, maximizing your lingerie options. In addition to being a useful color, this bra is one of the best fitting basics that we carry.

Bra Converting Clip

Next up are a few gadgets and goodies to always have on hand. A bra converting clip can be super convenient when you need to quickly convert your favorite bra to a racer-back for certain style tops and dresses. I’m sure you may have a strapless or convertible bra already, but this little guy will quickly turn any of your bras into that style, and keep your straps from falling down!

Silicone Push Up Pads

Amazing cleavage is always in style, but since we all know that not all bodies are created equal, creating that cleavage can be harder for some women. These silicone push-up pads do the same trick as your favorite push-up bra, but since these are removable that means you can use them in bathing suits, or with any of your other bras. They’re perfect for adding a little lift in a discreet and natural looking way. And great cleavage will never go out of style.

Edita Black Sexy Dress

If you read our blog, you know we’re always about trying new styles and pushing your style boundaries, but it’s important to have options you can always fall back on as well. Whether it’s a basic bra to support you all day long, or nifty little bra gadgets, Karnation Lingerie has it all! Make sure you enter the fall fashion scene already equipped with the basics!

Finally, a basic that every woman needs is a little black dress. Or a little black babydoll. Or heck, even a little black two-piece set. The idea of the little black dress came from the thought that it was always a go-to option that would work for almost any occasion. And lingerie can work the same way! A best seller is this Edita Black Sexy Dress, which will make you look great at home or at the club!

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