Anita’s Momentum no wire hi-impact sports bra pictured here delivering this September

5529-Momentum Sports Bra by Anita on Lingerie Briefs Fit is critical. This is why I feel compelled to highlight, Anita’s Momentum no wire hi-impact sports bra pictured here in the power red version delivering this September. One of the original designs leading the way in innovation for this explosive category, Momentum (5529) is so inclusive; it covers sizes 30-46, A-H. How does this relate to Lingerie? It informs my wardrobe every day of the week. Sports bras, once the sole stake of sporting goods stores, are now a key inventory competitor in Intimate Apparel shops worldwide. What was once a pressure Band-Aid stifling a woman’s chest, has become a highly technical piece of sports equipment essential to excellence in performance.Constructed in a moisture wicking stretch microfiber with soft terry lined pre-shaped seamless cups and close set slip free straps, this wirefree bra is a serious workhorse. It’s an Olympic contender within its own playing field already striking gold by winning the coveted global design “Red Dot Award” in 2011.

In the wake of the Olympics, I have been thinking a great deal about women and sports. Except for a period of time in my 30’s swimming laps before work, I really never had a propensity for sports.  I think this was generational. Girls weren’t on teams. They were cheerleaders. Yes, we witnessed women achieve extraordinary feats during the Olympics: Nadia Comaneci, Janet Evans, Florence Griffith Joyner, but these were phenoms, individually identified and trained to reach preternatural heights. By the time my daughters were born, things had changed, but personally, my peer group and those before me missed growing up exposed to the deep social and physical values inherent in sports participation. Better late than never, I took the leap at age 55 mounting a horse for the very first time and beginning a yoga practice that has stilled my life. Today, these activities are an integral part of my daily routine and I do not intend to stop.


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