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Myself with fellow blogger Georgina Horne

A week ago, Playtex located ann ‘online fitting tool’ focus group meeting, inviting clients in the future discuss their online fitting tool widget that they formerly had online world wide web.playtex.com.

In the focus group meeting, locked in the Lexis PR hq working in london, we talked about in more detail the significance of a bra and fit in relation to body confidence, clothing and just how that matches, improving the feminine form, support, fashion, womanliness etc., and just how passionate all of us were about the reason for distributing the term about fit. Many of us fitted by the kind of Bravissimo, Rigby and Peller, Leia Lingerie and independent boutiques, we have arrived at favour a strong fitting band which based on the traditional ‘plus four’ technique is incorrect however a whole online subculture argues against.

After quite a legendary blog/Twitter rally created ‘The Fight against Plus Four’ which outlined the weak points of the profession standard ‘plus four’ fitting method with a cluster of lingerie writers, the Playtex meeting was started with a ‘strongly-phrased blog post’ by Beckie Williams around the Busts 4 Justice blog concerning the shortfalls of the fitting tool which declared her 30G bust (by using a tape-measure along with a miracle formula) a 34E. In reaction, multiple other writers declared the dimensions the Playtex calculator considered them, with the kind of 36H Georgina (author from the Larger Figure Larger Bust blog) announcing a 40F and myself a 32E after i generally put on a 28FF or 30F with respect to the style/make of the bra.

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Are you able to place the under-wire padding pads?

Playtex are proud to look after their target audience from the ‘grown up’ lady, offering high quality superbly fitting lingerie – which is because of this that people all felt their online fitting tool was allowing them to lower.

All of us loved a few of their features for example their padded underwires to lessen rubbing and chafing underneath the armpit (something we all can appreciate following a lengthy day!) The company have partnered with Mary Portas – delivering a stylish and stylish new special edition “Mary Portas Suggests Playtex” collection.

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Mary Portas said around the Playtex website:

Good, well fitted lingerie is completely answer to any look –
it is all about obtaining the fundamentals right. But comfort does not need to mean a
compromise on style, and Playtex has designed two gorgeous new styles that
mix fit, comfort and support with stylish glamour to perfectly complement
my new fashion range.

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The 5th person in the main focus group – modelling a bra in the Mary Portas collection.

We talked about the significance of blogs within the lingerie world because they present an honest voice – not selling anything with no real profit from saying the reality. As three people have our very own lingerie blogs (as pointed out above in addition to Kitty’s brilliant Undercover Lingerista blog), and also the 4th member was an enthusiastic readers, all of us understood how influential this medium could be if this involves distributing the term in regards to a brand, about fitting tips and methods, news etc., and recommended to Playtex how that medium could be very effective if this involves taking their fitting tool further.

A couple of people pointed out our moms and our need to grow older family people fitted correctly and also the alternation in awareness through decades regarding fitting. The tables had switched like a couple of people had fitted our moms, the ladies who required us for the first bra fitting or first got the calculating tape on us whenever we were more youthful – oh the way the tables have switched!

There is a convincing complaint about our disappointment with nearly all traditional fitting services and perhaps the disappointment of the standard of traditional lingerie and bra companies – some particularly were pointed out more often than once like a especially dismal example.

A121P SP165 02 YB01Z Playtex Focus Group Invest In Your Chest

Among the brazier we’ve got to experience with – the ‘Affinity Spiral Embroidery Bra’ by Playtex

One person in the audience had not been fitted outdoors of her bed room whereas I used to be to Leia Lingerie only yesterday. The mix of shapes and dimensions between us made the conversation interesting where we differed and in comparison in opinion. Above all else we appeared to look mainly online having a preference to ‘fit ourselves’ with the aid of blogs, fitting tools and directions and considering our last most effective fitting.

One factor which i went from the ending up in could be that the industry standard of fitting is questionable. Although most merchants will declare that the ‘plus four’ or ‘tape measure’ techniques create a good beginning point, I am still reluctant to think that adding inches can truly provide a good representation of the bra size. Another factor which many online merchants neglect to clarify is the fact that their ‘calculator’ is really a beginning point whatsoever, most apparently insinuating a bone fide measurement according to mathematical precision. It’s impossible to declare a bra size having a tape-measure alone, and when a business is to possess a fitting tool widget online it ought to include a obvious disclaimer to prevent confusion.

Fit is really a subject that is particularly questionable inside the underwear industry. Like a group we came to the conclusion the answer to a great fitting service an internet-based fitting advice it ought to be concerning the trust between your fitter and also the customer. Once an institution has generated an excellent status like a fitting destination it’ll attract clients simply due to this and won’t only make happy clients, it’ll guarantee their return. Previously our trust continues to be misplaced but even when i was offered something at that time after going through an excellent service elsewhere we’re unlikely to come back.


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That old fitting tool

If this found assessing existing fitting tools and advice on the interweb, we agreed fitting websites and firms which used images and academic material of methods a bra should fit instead of any type of spreadsheet, calculator or ‘measuring tool’. The Marketing Director of Playtex assured us their online fitting tool was just ever said to be a ‘starting point’ and ‘guide’ where clients fitting themselves at home possess some type of idea and indication of the bra size. Although this might be true, all present in the group unsuccessful to determine the bond between an spreadsheet and also the female body, indication or otherwise specially when adding inches will get tossed in to the mix ‘for good measure’.

A huge most of the fitting tools all utilized the energy from the graph, with one column which signifies your under-bust and bust measurement and something which represents your bra size. With each other, the women appeared to recognize mainly with tools which incorporated an individual body and face, pictures or perhaps diagrams as one example of where and how to determine, should you insist upon heading down that route. Besides this being more aesthetically appealing, additionally, it bridges the space somewhat between your flat lines of the calculating tape, the cold, hard distance from a table with amounts along with a female body.

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Playtex’s classics!

Because of Playtex for that chance to discuss brazier to have an hour (a bit of a popular subject of mine), and to another women from the focus group to be as in it when i was. The Playtex women appeared thinking about what we should needed to say in addition to radiating a contagious passion and pride within their brand.

I am not going to overlook the host to a tape-measure method it may be very helpful while shopping online should you don’t have the time or confidence to really make it in to the fitting rooms, however I’d always order a couple of dimensions throughout my ‘suggested’ size to test them on since i have understand that there’s no standardisation between either sizing or fitting advice.


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