Interview with Beckie Williams

beckie w Interview with Beckie Williams, author of the Busts4Justice blog Invest In Your Chest

Beckie and that i lately met (in the Freya Selfridges fitting event believe it or not!) and she or he had a little of trouble within the altering rooms. As she presently lives n Amsterdam, she’s been separated from shops stocking Freya at United kingdom prices through the small problem that’s the British Funnel and it was so searching toward getting herself some pre-Christmas Freya treats.

Beckie voiced her concerns regarding her shopping via this web site publish, an problem that people found ourselves talking about in more detail, an issue that I’ve seen on a number of blogs and forums because the rise (and rise) from the small bust, large cup brigade..

I have been a lengthy-standing fan of Busts 4 Justice since their epic fight against tit-tax in 2007, and also the fabulous Busts 4 Justice blog has stored me hooked since. Author Beckie Williams creates topical,interesting (and often questionable!) posts concerning the joys and fake pas’ from the Lingerie World. Her sparkling wit and talent to place an excellent story has frequently engaged me and left me thinking, her charming way with words and wonderful anecdotes (other people fancy a ride on Cecil?!) has stored me returning towards the ‘B4J’ blog again and again, but lately, I left feeling dismayed.


What exactly may be the problem?

Basically, the truth that some Freya styles have size limitations – namely the fairly large variety of styles unavailable inside a 28 gang of GG – leaves many people disgruntled. Myself incorporated – I have been left wincing at the view of Fund Your Chest blogger Becky Mount’s Freya Neive lengthy-line, I have been jealous of anybody capable of getting the Freya Ingrid within the half-cup balconette, but Beckie finds herself within the ‘Freya blackspot’ of the 28GG. I spoke to her about her love/hate relationship with Freya…

Hi Beckie, we are read about your recent Freya worries. Please would you inform us a little much more about your disappointment with Freya’s sizing and size range?

Beckie: While you observed, I attempted on two Freya brazier (and something Fauve) that fitted superbly and that i wished to buy, however they counseled me fitted around the smallest hook inside my normal size 30G. I possibly could have purchased them, however that perfect fit could have been short resided and also the brazier soon made redundant. Many people could size lower within the back or more within the cup, however that pushes me to the 28GG territory and no styles I had been searching to buy were open to me. It did not feel happy to become in the abyss of under-focused bra dimensions again…

What’s going to Freya need to do to win you back?


Freya have guaranteed me they’ll look to the sizing problem in addition to growing their 28GG lines, and I must trust they mean it. We’ll have to see what goes on next…

What are the Freya styles that are not obtainable in your size? Do you want to see Freya enhance their dimensions range or do you consider this can be a situation of small groups shouting the loudest?

How lengthy are you currently a Freya fan?

Beckie: I have been a reasonably hardcore Freya fan for around 3 years. My first Freya – a black Arabella with orange and pink trim – continues to be certainly one of the best brazier, although I have put it on completely with the hooks and it is beyond its way to avoid it. It just really will get worn on special events nowadays…


You are quite keen on the Freya Active range, how can you discover the sizing and just what causes it to be much better than the relaxation?

Beckie: A lot of things. The material and elegance are ideal for holding you back dry and awesome while you are working up a sweat, and also the ladies will always be perfectly supported and comfy when running – that is things i perform the most. And still, unlike lots of brazier I have attempted, additionally, it separates and uplifts although controlling to minimise their – I can not think about a much better word – girth… so essential when you are doing something similar to Bikram yoga or Yoga, or simply dealing with weights. The sizing is excellent – the bands are snug, although I actually do size lower to some 28 since i think when you are running you’ll need just as much support there as possible. I usually go as tight when i physically can stand… as lengthy when i can continue to breathe, clearly!

Which Freya bra do you want you can put on but can’t because of size limitations?

Beckie: Right now, it appears a hell of the lot. Sigh.

freya deco and edina Interview with Beckie Williams, author of the Busts4Justice blog Invest In Your Chest

Beckie’s blog image: two lust-worthy Freya sets, neither obtainable in a 28GG

That is your favourite Freya bra fit smart?

Beckie: I usually say Freya and that i were created for one another: her brazier just fit my shape. I put on many of the lace-top balconettes like Trudie, Edith and Loretta – they are great day brazier for me personally – and my Alexa and Arabella’s provide a great rounded silhouette after i need it. I really like Jolie just like a sister, and Deco is – obviously – always my wingman when ever I want additional in advance…

What’s in your Freya Christmas wish list?

Beckie: Mmmmm. Certainly the Ingrid slumberwear, and also the new Active bathing suit too. I’ve got a huge crush around the red-colored Deco, the crimson Lauren, and also the Nieve lengthy-line too… And every one of the sheer ones are beautiful. I am unsure I have been adequate this season to warrant this type of full stocking…



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