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They searched the country after browsing through 1000’s of records, a high ten of stunning runners up were selected. One glamorous advert later, and also the new face from the Ann Summer season Valentine’s 2012 campaign ended up being to be chosen for through the public…

It appears nowadays you will find increasingly more competitions to come on women everywhere modelling for his or her favourite companies, and at Fund Your Chest we like that attitude. Now it’s time we had ladies we are able to relate to?advertising?products you want to buy, and Ann Summer season was the most recent to leap about this bandwagon.

But there is an issue…

…in the ten runners up, just one girl appeared larger than a size 10.

Do not get us wrong – all of the women are stunning, and worthy runners up…however it could have been nice to determine a bit more variety if this found shapes and dimensions.

I handled to nab a fast interview with Lucy prior to the voting found an finish, hear what she needs to say concerning the competition.

Still, representing the ‘bigger’ corner may be the beautiful Lucy Moore. She and yet another women do an excellent job of representing real women everywhere, but we can not help but possess a soft place for somebody like Lucy.

Hi Lucy! Why not begin by telling Fund Your Chest visitors just a little with regards to you?

Lucy:?Well I am Lucy, I am 20 and from the small city in Portsmouth however I am residing in The Large City where I study Criminal Justice at Westminster College. I really like fashion and spend my cash on clothes and add-ons – much more of a bag than shoe lady! I am a caring person and love being around buddies and family. I additionally like to bake!

A woman after our very own hearts there exists a horrible dependence on baking! We have been following a competition for quite a while now, however for individuals available who haven’t, fancy losing just a little light onto it?

Lucy: Your competition is to locate a ‘real’ lady in the nation is the face from the Ann Summer season Valentine’s day campaign for 2012. All of us starred within an advert for that brand so we require the public to election for his or her favourite finalist! You are able to mind to my page on this link:

lucy Ann Summers Sexy Uncovered Interview with Lucy Moore Invest In Your Chest

I am unsure I possibly could deal with pressure of the competition like this! Why did you choose to enter?

Lucy: I made the decision to go in just due to the truth that Ann Summer season marketed for girls of shapes and dimensions, so me as being a size 14-16 thought “why don’t you then?!” I frequent Ann Summer season and feel great and sexy within their clothes and so i required a bet with the hope they’d think exactly the same of me too.

Well you have our election. How made it happen feel to cope with ?

Lucy: It felt great to cope with, a genuine boost! I had been who audition inside a hotel among a lot of gorgeous girls that in my experience appeared as if models already. I cried when my title was known as, since it was midway with the bulletins, and that i considered to myself which i had not managed to get. Through the looks from the women I figured I’d stand out, but fortunately for me personally they wanted a full figured lady and so i was within the moon! It did not feel real for age range!


It compensated off then! Have you ever loved your experience?

Lucy:?YES! This experience continues to be existence altering already. The filming was amazing I had been on the high for that full 2 days we shot! And for another runners up, Personally i think I have made some buddies for existence , and for your I’m so grateful for.


That does seem pretty glamorous, although I am much less sure concerning the 6am start, there isn’t a great deal that may get me up in those days! You appear amazing within the advert and quite appropriately, very confident. Have you ever been confident and out from your beautiful size and shape?

Lucy: I actually do have lots of body confidence. I appear to possess greater than my buddies, particularly when it involves clothes I put on. A number of my buddies – who’re within my eyes more gorgeous and slim than me – wouldn’t put on things i put on. For example, lace physiques – my buddies started putting on them once i did! So yes, I’d say I am very positive about my body system and never afraid to demonstrate my favorite bits! However, everybody has their lower days days or days where we’re feeling rubbish and ugly, however am an optimistic individual who selects to disregard nowadays and don’t forget how lucky Now i am to possess everything focusing on my body system! I am not blind and both my legs and arms work fine, so we must appreciate what we should have!

 Ann Summers Sexy Uncovered Interview with Lucy Moore Invest In Your Chest

Healthy for you Lucy! Now, you are clearly considered the ‘bigger’ girl within the competition and consequently, that’s type of what you are labelled as. Are you finding it insulting, or perhaps a compliment?

Lucy:?It is the truth – I will not deny my size or match something not big enough. I will not obtain a complex about being labelled the ‘bigger’ girl because clearly I’m, these women remain a size 8-10, so I am certainly the greatest girl! However, it will make me feel totally alone because of the very fact I am the only real large girl within the ad, however i cant feel lower relating to this. I have been selected and that i must take a look they enjoy, well, i will embrace to be the ‘bigger’ girl label. Personally i think lucky they wanted me!

That’s excellent to listen to – you’d always worry inside a competition the women may be against one another, but it should be nice in the future away with a few buddies, whether won by you or otherwise. That which was the shoot like?

Lucy:?The shoot was very lengthy but thrilling. I was woken at 6am, and handle shooting around 10pm . A really lengthy day, however, there is virtually no time to feel tired, it had been all so exciting! We’d a catwalk – that we heard was lent from Gucci! – so we were trained to strut our stuff and flirt using the camera, as you can see within the ad! It had been hot before a lot of lights but all of the crew were fantastic and treated me and yet another runners up like celebs. We’d runners around the ‘glam squad’ touching us up and runners with drinks and straws among takes – a existence I possibly could get accustomed to!

That’s an excellent attitude to possess. Although it would be nice to possess a selection of dimensions symbolized constantly, the word bigger certainly should not need to be an adverse. So, so how exactly does it feel to become that girl within the advert?

Lucy: It seamless comfort to understand ladies my size and larger will feel good that i’m representing them within the advert, however clearly it may feel a little daunting to be the only full figured one when I am encircled through the slim women who’re absolutely beautiful and also to me seem like Ann Summer season models already! But I am just grateful I had been selected for that ad, being my size, since this is the very first time Ann Summer season have proven anybody my size within their products so for your I’m chuffed to bits!


That’s most evident – confidence begins using the individual and nobody else. Why do you consider people should election for you personally?

Lucy: I’d love individuals to election for me personally because of the truth that Ann Summer season haven’t described a full figured model, however they sell clothes up to and including size 20 (so far as I am aware!). I’m positive about my size 14-16 body and wish ladies to search the catalogues and find out something I am putting on and think “ooh that will suit my body system because I am more that size compared to other model”. Allows break the mould!

 Ann Summers Sexy Uncovered Interview with Lucy Moore Invest In Your Chest

It might be nice to determine a little more variety available, and not simply in Ann Summer season. What’s your take overall skinny versus. curvy debate, or using the word ‘real women’?

Lucy: The thin versus. curvy debate is stupid! Within my personal opinion, any lady is indeed a lady. It’s silly to state otherwise. Unless of course some women are robots! Everybody is gorgeous regardless of who or what they’re, and we’re all real.

It is a term that’s tossed around a lot, which may be so harmful, we have to stop putting women against one another! Have you got any tips about body confidence?

Lucy: Some advice on body confidence would be to never compare you to ultimately others! It will make you so judgemental of yourself and you’ll finish up feeling lower. Be genuine and embrace what you are. Never stop smiling!

It really is refreshing to determine a size nearer to the nation’s average within their items. Have you got any words of knowledge to women as if you, who maybe aren’t as confident while you?

Lucy: My suggestion to women my size (and larger!) would be to have confidence in yourself. Awaken and appear within the mirror and believe you’re gorgeous and sexy, embrace the body! The female body, in my experience, is gorgeous in almost any size or shape, you need to opt for what Gods provided and arrange it to the best. Smile and become tolerant of yourself, if you’re miserable you will not attractive yet others will not believe you are sexy.

Very inspiring Lucy. Other things you want to add?

Lucy: I am so grateful to being selected to stay in a lingerie advert, the very first ever TV ad of Ann summer season, and it is starring me – an advantage sized lady! For your I seem like a champion already. I am so grateful and happy concerning the whole experience, it’ll stick with me forever and that i can’t wait to inform my grandchildren! And That I just hope that individuals see from me my confidence and feel well informed within their physiques too.

as1 Ann Summers Sexy Uncovered Interview with Lucy Moore Invest In Your Chest

Best of luck Lucy! Remember, voting finishes around the 30th of November so please go and election, then tell all of your family members to election! To determine Lucy, the relaxation from the participants, and also to learn more concerning the competition, go take a look in the Sexy Uncovered website.

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