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It isn’t a secret that Cheryl and that i type of fall under the ‘geek’ category, and our interests within the Legend of Zelda series. This season marks not just a new Zelda game out (Skyward Sword), but the 25th anniversary from the series itself, and thus Cheryl’s brother Mike emerged using the brilliant/crazy idea to experience through all of the games to boost money for that wonderful charitable organisation GamesAid. That’s 21 games on the 10 day period. round-the-clock gaming, all streamed live so no cheating permitted!

But this time around, it’s for charitable organisation, then one both of us required part in, therefore it warrants a mention. Plus, I acquired within my smalls to assist promote the reason, so technically it’s linked, right?

The stream might be over, there is however still sufficient time to give! Every little counts, and it truly is an underlying cause near to our hearts.

OK, therefore we did not quite manage all 21 games once we sacrificed some game titles not always considered area of the series, but we gave it good shot and handled to boost $1310, and counting!

It required over our way of life for 10 days but we are both very proud to engage in this type of great charitable organisation effort. Which aside, Zelda GamesAid was the first one to play with the era on the internet and (so far as we all know) the very first Zelda marathon!

So, should you choose seem like being generous and generating some serious brownie points, please mind to the needed Giving page.

Since the stream has ended, we are able to return to normal existence and lastly catch on our sleep. It’ s most likely best the live feed has ended, we are unsure the visitors wanted to determine us consume a lot of pizza and swear much more…


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