Make her first bra experience a beautiful one!

To make your daughters first bra experience a comfortable and educative one, is something all of us mums should strive for. Here are a few tips that I think would be helpful in making your daughter’s first bra experience a nice one:

  1. Talk to her about her growing body. Tell her about why she needs a bra. Answer her questions patiently, maybe throwing in a little humor to lighten the conversation.
  2. Measure her and look up the size chart for the teen bras, so you can start at a size you know will be a close fit.
  3. Bring her with you, when you want to purchase her first bra and let her have a choice in what she wants. If you are ordering online, ensure she is with you when you make selections, so she feels like it’s about her as well, and that she has a choice.
  4. Be there with her as she tries on a bra, so you can help her figure out if it fits and again, to encourage her to be comfortable with her body. A positive remark or two about how the colour or style looks good on her, would be a good idea.
  5. Make sure you buy only a couple at first, and in happy, fun colours, so she feels like wearing them regularly.
  6. The day she wears a bra all day long, gently ask her a few times (not hourly, mind you), if she is comfortable. This would help her know you are there for her in this new experience.
  7. Remind her for the first week to wear one, as she heads to get dressed. Gentle nudges to inculcate practice are a good thing.

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