Meet The Soft Hanky Panky Cross Dye

Hanky Panky Cross-Dye Lace on Lingerie Briefs

The process of obtaining permanent status has taken 4 years at the end of which, I now hold an INM card (similar to a US Green card).  During this time, I have made some great friends in Cabo, individuals whose root values integrate perfectly with mine. The Mexican people are some of the kindest/warmest and more generous that I have ever met. It is woven into their art, music, and literature. They have raised my respect for humanity even at a time when divergent global forces threaten to abolish its very meaning.

One concept that becomes apparent when you travel back and forth between two cultures is how much horizons can expand. Exposure to new customs layers our lives, balances perceptions, and elevates standards. Spending 3 month stints in Mexico twice a year has allowed me to change my position from tourist to resident. It doesn’t change my love of country; it just entitles me to more exposure.

Hanky Panky Cross Dye Lace on Lingerie Briefs

Because, Hanky Panky has taken a time tested brand staple, signature lace, and, by introducing an entirely new element, rayon, has successfully crossed boundaries into a new enriched product territory. This iteration creates a jacquard lace effect; a softer, richer mélange that elevates and amplifies their existing strengths without sacrificing their core identity. Adding it to heather jersey, as well, results in a multi-faceted assortment of camis, panties and chemises available from XS – 3X. Even though signature lace basics are home base for many Hanky Panky aficionados, for those fans who are always looking to broaden their vision beyond the tried and true, the cross dye pieces open a new frontier.

While I was waiting for my INM card, which required multiple trips to the Immigration office, standing in lines, translating several documents and sustaining more than a modicum of patience, I started thinking about Hanky Panky’s newly launched Cross-Dye lace collection. Why?

“I Don’t Know What Any Individual Should Do About Crossing Her Own Borders.
I Only Know That I Live A happier, More Adventurous Life, By Crossing Borders”
~Sherman Alexie

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