Presenting The Sexy Natori Lingerie Fuels the Feathers Collection.

Natori-Feathers-Exotic-PrintvvvThe original spark, ignited by the contour plunge, one of the nation’s top selling bras, has been stoked consistently asduangwatch Natori strategically has added the unlined plunge, the front close T-back, the wireless, the convertible pushup, and the strapless rendition. Combine this with constant fashion color updates and there is a virtual Feather’s inferno dominating the field.

The moment I heard her belt out the passionate anthem, “Keep the Home Fire Burning”, I was struck by her powerful call to action. The scalding lyrics were a feminine roar from the romantic home front, but also, they carried an important message about building equity in one’s life. “Take care of business; don’t let the flame get too low”.

Sometime in the mid 1990’s, I was foraging through a music store across the street from the Sorbonne in Paris, looking for old Tina Turner CD’s (yes, CD’s) when one of the guys working there introduced me to the formidable talent of Millie Jackson.

This could be the perfect parable for Natori and their best-selling Feathers Collection. What does a brand do to fuel the fire behind their number one selling bra? They extend their key items into an entire lingerie stronghold.

This fall, the launch of their first print will surely keep this classic design hotter than ever. The collection covers a range of sizes for women 30-36, A-DDD. What does a retailer do to sustain a best-seller’s momentum? Expand exposure because as Millie chants: “Without fuel the fire won’t burn”.

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