Reviewing The Luxury, Amazing Avocado Lingerie Bra

First impressions; I am finding with the awesome, pretty Avocado lingerie collection that the material is always the stand out, it feels great even to touch. The shape is a balconette, which suits most breast shapes, it’s comfortable to wear and they’re flattering.

Avocado lingerie collection

I find a lot of larger cup size bras are too deep in the bottom of the cup so it puts pressure on the underwire, which then rubs against your skin. These bras distribute the weight throughout the cup so it doesn’t put as much pressure on the underwire, which is good because it can get painful!

Jewel, Lorca and Chloe are the latest bras from Avocado lingerie that have been taking for a test drive. I have a 75K, which equates to an UK34H and AU12H that is on par with what I usually wear in the UK labels.

Avocado lingerie collection

Upon wearing them.I am beginning to like the signature shape the perfect Avocado Lingerie Bra has, it works with the natural breast shape and not forcing them to go anywhere they don’t want to go. They have this subtle and elegant cleavage that I really like. As an overall the shape and lift on all of them were really similar and really good.

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