Reviewing The Sexy Gossard Lingerie

I know that I shouldn’t even touch the intense political discourse currently pre-occupying the American psyche, so I will make this parallel as softly as I can. I keep hearing Donald Trump propagating the slogan, “Make America Great Again”. I find this statement a bit confusing, mainly because, I had no idea that America wasn’t a great country.

I resent the insinuation that the past definition of greatness should repeat itself. We are supposed to evolve. History should give us enough wisdom to realize, we cannot go back.

Retrolution Slip from Gossard Lingerie on Lingerie Briefs

How is this analogous with lingerie? Take a look at the Gossard Retrolution padded Staylo Slip, a light control, body shaping design, smooth under clothes but revolutionarypanerai replica watches in the once utilitarian slip category.

But the world turns, as do attitudes and consequently, fashion. Innovating on the basic foundations of the past by building a better product to handle the future is exactly what the 115 year old Gossard brand is known for.

Maybe, social and cultural forces have re-channeled out priorities and the impact of global technology has pushed us to re-imagine expectations; but as far as I can see, the core values are still prevalent. Believe me, when you live in a foreign country you know this to be true.

Essential to the RTW wardrobes of yesteryear, the classic slip body provided a much needed lining under the fabrics driving the apparel market at the time. This style brings the conventional slip into a new era with a retro nod to the past by incorporating the most original fabrics and construction available today. Acknowledging the contemporary’s woman’s preferences it has positioned itself as a best selling basic in many store inventories. Fitting 32-36, B-E, it is proof that re-alignment trumps regression

“The Past Has Been There All Along, Reminding Us:
This Time–Maybe, Hopefully, Against All Odds, We Will Get It Right” ~Leslie T. Chang

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