Soft Freya ‘Ingrid’ Bra Review

SAM 9956 Freya Ingrid: Bra Review Invest In Your Chest

For me personally, this is not a t-shirt bra. The form expires, forward but very sharp and triangular. It jogs my memory almost exactly of styles previously which I have loved the feel of but have shied from because of their? projectile madonna-esque shape. I’ve found the Summer time and also the Monet brazier both flattened me at the very top and merely did not appear to compute. Rising just one cup size did not solve the issue and so i just threw in the towel on, regardless of how much I wanted and willed and interceded they’d fit me. Sure, tossing on thick or loose-fitting clothing masks the issue, however when it involves lingerie I rarely be satisfied with under an 8/10.

It has been three whole seasons since i have saw the Freya Ingrid in the Freya A/W 2011 Press Event in March this past year, also it was certainly one of the best prints from the entire season release. Obviously I have been lusting after it since and waiting with bated breath to obtain my dirty mitts onto it either included in my Freya Fitting Talk allowance or by saving my very own pennies. Fortunately Freya gifted me that one included in my Fitting Talk allocation (they are bloody brilliant!) and although I really like the support it provides, I am a bit disappointed using the shape.

Anybody recall the Freya Summer time (best print ever?!?!) and also the Monet Tea Rose?

DSC00585 Freya Ingrid: Bra Review Invest In Your Chest

It is simply different seamless rounded shape from Freya that I am accustomed to and extremely does not suit my shape. I seem like I would invite critique for saying in order I understand individuals who got the Summer time and Monet absolutely LOVED it – namely my 30GG lengthy-time Bestie who still calls it her favourite bra even even today.

As you can tell, on me it isn’t the very best shape, which three brazier would be the only Freya brazier I have encounter which do this…

SAM 9962 Freya Ingrid: Bra Review Invest In Your Chest

Anywho, the Ingrid goes within the same group of the Summer time and also the Monet, therefore if you are keen on body of either of individuals and love the adorable birdie print having a soft lilac, pale peach, black and whitened palette with delicate lilac trim around I actually do then you are in luck.

The 28 band is a fairly firm fit, the cups are very filled (to the stage where I’d consider rising just one cup size), before you believe I personally don’t like this bra it is REALLY comfortable. I used results coupled with no ‘get this bra off me’ syndrome, and when I enter a jog my breasts are held nicely in position with minimal bounce.


INGRID BLACK UNDERWIRED PADDED HALF CUP BRA 4453 SHORT 4456 Freya Ingrid: Bra Review Invest In Your Chest

But when you are a 30-38 B-G you may like it much more…

Now’s time that i can do my standard and expected little whinge, when i know from consider your experience and from just searching in the shape the padded half-cup version would suit me far better, yet it’s only accessible inside a 30 band.

2011 11 15 2117 Freya Ingrid: Bra Review Invest In Your Chest

The sight that breaks any 28 band or G Freya fan’s heart!

Pretty please, Freya – don’t leave me out pick up!

Around the plus side, the Ingrid range has The most wonderful ‘Freya Lounge’ pieces, which I’ll most likely snap up ultimately of season purchase. I am a huge fan of the lounge range for light support when sleeping and that i resided within my Edith nightie at Uni. Maybe I’m able to satisfy my longing for bird print and crimson in the end?

FREYA Lounge Ingrid 02 Freya Ingrid: Bra Review Invest In Your Chest

INGRID BLACK CAMI 4928 SHORT 4931 Freya Ingrid: Bra Review Invest In Your Chest

Swoon! Oh the way i lengthy for Uni days when I did previously remain in my pyjamas All Day Long. It could have been even more fun during these pretty slacks. Cry.

Attractiveness: 8/10 (Padded plunge version 10/10!)

Fit: 4/10

Comfort: 9/10

Styling: 9/10

Support: 9/10

Shape: 3/10

Cost versus. Quality: 7/10

Re-purchasability: 4/10

Fund Your Chest Rating: 5/10

Image credits: Freya

This bra was gifted included in my free sets to be an element of the Freya ‘Fitting Talk’ blog. This doesn’t affect my estimation or my article by any means. All sights expressed are my very own.

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