According to different types to share with you a few suitable bikinis.

Fashion sexy bikini swimsuit 1:

This lady swimsuit uses lace material, sexy and charming. The sexy and feminine bikini set has a hollow lace design on the cup, which can not only modify the back line well, but also reveal the slim clavicle of the woman.


Fashion sexy bikini swimsuit 2:

This beautiful swimsuit is made of nylon and has good breathability and moisture absorption. The split design and strap style reveal the sexy clavicle lines. Hollow printed decoration on the back adds a bit of playfulness. The design of the strap adorns the curve of the neck. The elastic waist design is comfortable to wear without a sense of restraint, and it is also very convenient for activities.


Fashion sexy bikini swimsuit 3:

A mid-to-high-end fashion swimwear brand from France, which uses luxurious fabrics and simple tailoring to make the best swimwear is loved by major fashion bloggers on ins. The design style is simple, but every detail can modify us The shortcomings of the figure, thus presenting the most perfect ratio of women. Cool colors. Balneaire van der An, a 35-year-old fashion brand focused on swimwear, is worn by more than 100 celebrities.


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