if This £20 Strapless Bra Is Ever Discontinued, I Will Riot review

Like many a person with F-cup breasts and style ambitions, I had long been tortured from the legend of the effective strapless bra. It had been, as far as I could tella mirage. Some left painful, red welts in my side. Others felt just like wearing a bulletproof vest under my party apparel. Many fell down completely. Most weren’t even available above a 36DD, meaning the entire mission was moot and I’d slink off to obtain a thermal poloneck instead. Where was my invitation to off-the-shoulder club?
Next, it ends up. I would not have thought to visit Next for underwear. I’d never have thought to go to Next for anything because I stopped needing tailored trousers for work experience — but thanks to some tip-off out of Laura Craik in the Evening Standard, I eventually found my holy grail.
The Jamie Non Padded Minimising DD+ Bandeau Bra is soft and comfortable but sturdy enough to stay up all day long. It’s underwired although not padded, gravity-defying but minus acres of superfluous cleavage. The sleek, seam-free layout looks sleek and unfussy beneath clothing — no knobbly bows or solid lace. And while’minimising’ can raise a few body-positive eyebrows, it’s hard to deny the trend climate remains fairly inhospitable to breasts. There are times that you wish to celebrate themsometimes you only want to sew them down and forget about them for a short time. Hey, look at my shoulders instead! Or my eyes. Or my personality.
Moving upward to some 38H, it is not quite as size-inclusive since it might be. Offered in white, black, and one stubbornly trad colour of peachy’naked’, it is not as inclusive as it could be. But given how frequently the Jamie sells out online, I’m clearly not the sole disciple — Next would do nicely to cheer up, pay attention, and widen the range.

strapless bra

While the Jamie is clearly a godsend throughout the summer, I use it throughout winter, too; its minimising powers work a treat under lightweight sweaters, high-necked dresses, form-fitting thermal polonecks (I have lots), and any other outfit where I’d rather keep the girls under wraps. I have worn it a few times a week since I discovered it at 2015, and if it’s ever discontinued, I shall riot.
‘However, can it be pretty?’ you ask. No! Not in the slightest! However, I’ve been searching for too much time to anticipate every buy to tick every box. More to the point, it disturbs me like an old buddy, and supports me like a partner. It has unlocked outfits that I never believed I would have the ability to use without throwing care — and nipple — into the wind. Sometimes your breasts deserve to swing freely in the breeze, occasionally they deserve to be showcased in lace, and sometimes they just want to be held snugly, by a piece of reliable engineering which has their own back.
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