This New Year, make sure you’ve got your Bra Wardrobe Essentials right!

Here are the absolute must haves in your bra wardrobe:

TShirt bras. They  come with a smooth finish and moulded style for better shape, great coverage and the much needed “invisible” look for clingy/thin fabric.

Demi bras – Low cut, medium coverage bras, which is wearing under those stylish dresses or blouses that show off cleavage without the hassle of constantly adjusting yourself.  You should own at least one or two of these bras for those dressy days or evenings.

Strapless bras – The item is an absolute god send! And, if there’s one thing we’re sure about, it’s that strapless bras are leagues ahead of “invisible” transparent straps, a major faux pas! Magik is designed to give you the best strapless support there is.

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