Wearing guidelines: the importance of the right bra

Do you know how important it’s to put on a fantastic fitting bra and just how much difference it could make? Read on to find out! Should you move and get fitted professionally we WILL be able to help you. There are many brands out there today that cater to all shapes and sizes and there are many more sizes and styles now compared to 10 years back. By way of instance, I inventory from a cup to a K cup plus a 28 back into a 44 back — that’s a lot of sizes! An independent bra healthier will know their stock inside-out. We meet with the brands to supply amazing inventory, match the bras daily , know how they all differ, and we will know what fashion will suit each body shape, just by looking at you and asking several questions.
​Why is it important to get a fantastic fitting bra? The underband is the most important part of a bra, and it ought to be nice and firm to lift and support the bust. If the band is too loose and the bust is also quite heavy, this will cause your bust to droop forward, and over time influence your posture and may even cause some distress. If your band is too loose, it’s likely your bra straps are therefore taking all the weight of the breasts, and may dig into your shoulders, or even start to cause neck pain.
​Second, a fantastic fitting bra can literally make or break an outfit! Your underwear is the foundation to make sure that your garments sit nicely. When you’ve got a gorgeous dress for a special occasion but a badly fitting bra underneath — it really can change the way the apparel will sit — and not in a good way! A good fitting bra must lift your bust upwards and forward, therefore giving you a great shape and make your clothes look much better! As I mentioned before, if the ring of a bra is too loose, then you will probably need to go smaller at the back. With the way that bra fitting works, this will automatically mean your cup size increases — but this does not mean you have got bigger! If anything, it is likely you will lose about 2 to 4 inches around your middle and when you out your top on over a new, great fitting bra, then you’ll have dramatically changed your shape! See the pictures below for a few examples of the before and afters I’ve had at Bra Boss HQ.
Lastly, and I’d say the main reason you should have a fantastic fitting bra would be to feel confident and comfortable. There’s nothing worse that yanking your bra straps up all day or stressing that you’ve got breast tissue spilling out of your cup. A fantastic fitting bra should sit firmly, but also and it ought to lift and support you nicely. When you are exercising, the very last thing you need to be worrying about is holding down your breasts or feeling like you have to keep adjusting your sports bra. The same holds for breastfeeding — as a new mum, you have a hundred other things to juggle and think about, so it’s important your nursing bra is fitting you well and doing its job properly.

There have been plenty of ladies who have come to see me who have quite openly said they hate how they look, despise how their clothes sit, or that they’ve”dreadful breasts” and’ve given up trying to find pleasant panties. All these women walked from Bra Boss HQ wearing an entirely different size to exactly what they came in sporting. Some of the transformations have been amazing! The very best part of my job is that I can help women like this to feel so much more confident about their bodies and their breasts. Sometimes all it takes is a slight tweak in the dimensions and choosing the right style for those who matches their breast form and it can create such a massive difference! Consequently, if you believe it might be time for you to get your bras checked over and would like a bra transformation, please don’t get in contact with me and I’m more than pleased to help!

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