Wonderbra Lingerie: A Modern Classic

We must confess we, in UK Lingerie, are huge fans of Wonderbra. We love each and every item from the regular bras into the lovely lace bras, in the Wonderbra lingerie array. It is. The background of Wonderbra is fascinating. Here we take a tour round the Wonderbra moments that are greatest in the history of this bra. Ready? Let’s begin with a few

Alongside Eva were published the words ‘Hello boys’ and nothing else. There was not need for any additional explanations.

The promotion was for Canadian lingerie manufacturer Wonderbra, which, since its inception in the early 1940s was credited with the invention of this timeless dip push-up bra which most of us know and love.


The ad, which has since been known as the eye marketing and advertising effort of the previous 20 years caused traffic accidents. Eye-catching, really. This is the energy of human assurance, a black-and-white filter plus a well-designed push-up bra…

Since the 1990s, and notably after that groundbreaking — and somewhat controversial — advertising effort, Wonderbra bras have been in the forefront of customers’ minds when they think of lingerie, and in particular, innovative underwear design.

Sexy lingerie is also synonymous in people’s imaginations with the North American customer paradise along with the 1950s Even though the brand just soared to fame on in its life. The only product for you was Wonderbra if you wished to be in the forefront of fashion, glamour and fitness.

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