You must know the following points and wear swimwear scientifically and reasonably.

If the shoulder strap is too wide and too tight, the harm is not small. If the shoulder strap of the lady swimsuit is too wide and too tight, it may cause the underwear to be easily pulled up. If there is a steel ring on the lower edge of the swimsuit, it may cause the steel ring to press on the breast. , Such a long time is also not conducive to breast health.


Wearing a swimsuit for too long will seriously affect breast health. For most women, they will not choose a swimsuit. Therefore, most women wear girls beautiful swimsuits that have problems that are not suitable for themselves. Big damage. According to statistics, if you wear underwear for more than twelve hours a day, the incidence of breast cancer is as high as 75%, so if you are at home, it is best not to wear underwear.


The above is a summary of some common knowledge of women’s health summarized by the editor. The majority of female friends should not underestimate the impact of small underwear on the breast. You must know the above points and wear a swimsuit scientifically and reasonably.

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